Audience Member Stuns BBC Question Time In Brutal Attack

Labour and the Liberal Democrats came under intense pressure as an enraged audience member of BBC Question Time condemned the Parties for their positions on Brexit.

The young man also told the political debate show panel how he wants a general election to put an end to a “Marxist Jeremy Corbyn Government”. It came as tensions mounted when the discussion turned to Brexit and the upcoming general election. One member of the audience asked the panel whether they thought a general election would put a end to the Brexit crisis

Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon Layla Moran claimed her party, if elected, would put an end to Brexit.

Jon Ashwroth, Labour MP and former advisor to Gordon Brown, claimed his party were “desperately keen” for a general election.

Host Fiona Bruce asked Mr Ashworth: “You’re keen now, but do you think it would solve the Brexit crisis?”

The Labour MP went on to add how the democratic thing to do was to put a vote back to the public in another referendum.

Ms Moran and Mr Ashworth’s comments sparked an impassioned audience member to fire an attack on both parties.

The young man, who revealed he was too young to vote in the referendum, claimed the poll was a democratic choice.

He went on to berate both the Parties’ stances on Brexit.

The young man said: “The Lib Dems and the Labour Party are an absolute disgrace.”

“The Liberal Democrats don’t even know what democracy means.”

Speaking to the audience and panel, he went on to highlight the Labour Party’s 2017 manifesto pledge of delivering Brexit.

The gentleman added: “All they’ve done is vote against it at every chance.”

The impassioned young man bellowed how he too wanted the country to go to the polls.

He shouted: “Bring on a general election.”

“I hope Boris gets a majority, delivers Brexit and defeats a Marxist Jeremy Corbyn government.”

Mr Ashworth later told the gentleman: “I respect the way in which you put your views in a very forthright way.”

He then retorted how Labour’s manifesto said it would respect the result but it would not support a “damaging no deal Brexit”.

The audience member’s points were echoed by another man later in the programme.

He told the panel how he voted for Labour in the 2017 general election for the Party’s promise of respecting the referendum result.

The gentleman said: “I can’t believe you have the absolute audacity to sit there and criticise Boris when he’s actually made an effort to get us out and respect what we voted for.

“It’s almost like you have a case of Remainer amnesia.”

A emotional woman on BBC Question Time made a shock revelation as to why she now backs Brexit despite voting Remain.

It came as the political debate programme turned its attention to Brexit, the general election and a second referendum. One woman in the audience highlighted Conservative MP Paul Scully’s comments of Parliament not representing the population. The woman said: “This is the third time we are asking the population who they want to represent them, but we haven’t asked them an up to date opinion on where they stand today.”

She added: “We’re quoting 17.4million people, but does every single one of those 17.4million people still feel the same?”

A man in the audience then shouted ‘yes’ over the woman.

A different woman in the audience then shared her opinions on a change in Brexit view.

”I think it would be a travesty if there was a second referendum.”

The lady was then asked by host Fiona Bruce as to why she changed her mind about voting to Remain in the EU.

The lady revealed it was down to many different reasons but there was one particular one that stood out for her.

She said: “Lots of issues really, but mostly the treatment of Leavers I would think.”

The woman revealed how she worked with a lot of disadvantaged people who did vote to leave the EU.

She added: “I think it’s really unfair they’ve been smeared and labelled as fascists and it’s just not right.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the woman’s revelation.

Paul Webber wrote on Twitter: “Plenty of respect for those who voted Remain but respect the outcome was in favour of Leave.

”Restores my faith in decent Brits.”

Another person tweeted: “I feel exactly the same as her. I voted remain but a lot of friends and relatives voted leave for solid reasons.

“The way they have been tarred is shocking. Another referendum and I will stick by them.”

One Twitter user claimed: “Certainly not the only one who has changed their minds.”

Other social media users came out to support the woman and her decision to change her mind.

One person tweeted: “I have too and the reason why is that I respect democracy, unlike our politicians.”

Another person wrote on Twitter: “I never base what I personally believe on how other people choose to vote.”

One person wrote: “This woman is dead right. It’s shocking and deeply upsetting to hear.

“Ordinary remain voters must be truly appalled at their representation in the last few years.”

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